[Guide] How to clean your mouse mat/pad

Noticed a few people are unsure how to clean a mouse-mat so here’s how I do it:

Cloth / soft

Step 1: Remove mouse from mouse mat.
Step 2: Take a shower! (Take the mouse mat with you)
Step 3: Set the water temperature to “Luke Warm” NOT HOT.
Step 4: Run the water and shower gel/shampoo over the mouse mat
Step 5: In case of some really ingrained dirt/grime, brush off with a soft brush while under running water.
Step 6: Leave to dry on a flat surface

1. Do not attempt to wring, twist, rub or do anything else to speed up the drying process. Remember it’s not a towel, DO NOT hang it on the drying rail! (If you really must then blow some air over it with a hair dryer set on low heat.)
2. Do not use any abrasive chemicals like soap, detergents, bleach or washing up liquid, these will damage the cloth and the surface of your mouse mat reducing your mouses ability to “track” properly.

Metal / Hard

Step 1: Remove mouse from mouse mat.
Step 2: Rub with a soft damp cloth.

Job done! You mouse mat now looks brand new!

Q: “Why not soap?”
A: Soap leaves residue on the surface which creates extra smooth streaks all over your mouse mat giving you uneven tracking, this coupled with the cumulative effect of using soap over a protracted period of time to clean it is similar to that of using bleach makes it rather ineffective cleaning product.

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