New Graphics Card

So today I picked up a “New” Graphics card from a colleague at work:

2014-02-17 21.30.032014-02-17 21.30.09

2014-02-17 21.30.162014-02-17 21.30.49


Not bad for £70.


Now to plug it in. In keeping with my recent post on MMO-Champion I decided to do some before and after shots:


2014-02-17 20.45.102014-02-17 20.45.00


Pretty messy huh…


Anyway, on to the clean-up and install:

Take out the old card, put the new one in its place to make absolutely certain it gets the best performance, link up the drives.

2014-02-17 22.18.392014-02-17 22.38.14



2014-02-17 22.30.11 2014-02-17 22.30.08

And just because I’m a guy and there’s always a bit left over!

2014-02-17 22.47.17

Or well in my case two…

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